person wearing black watch holding babys hand
person wearing black watch holding babys hand

Family Planning, Naturally

A cooperative, non-invasive and reliable method of working with your body to improve your reproductive health.

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Plan your pregnacies

By developing an understanding of your fertility cycle, a woman will know at any given time when she's fertile or infertile allowing her to naturally plan her pregnancies..

Identify & solve the reasons for infertility

The charting of a woman's cycle allows for the identification of patterns that may be inhibiting conception from occurring. Through this understanding, cooperative medical treatments can be used to achieve a pregnancy.

Understanding your reproductive health

Each woman is unique and their cycles change over time. Your charting serves as a gynecological health record throughout your life span.

Suzanne Lozinski of FertilityCare of Richmond Hill has been a Creighton Model Practitioner since 1996. For the past twenty-seven years, she has taught and counseled hundreds of couples on the method while working alongside a trained medical consultant. Her comprehensive knowledge of the system combined with a personable approach, allows women/couples to gain confidence quickly in the program.

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